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The world needs independent businesses. Learn more about the actions we’re taking to address the impact of COVID‑19
The world needs independent businesses. Learn more about the actions we’re taking to address the impact of COVID‑19

12 day Hatching Chicks Delivered Programs


Hatching Chicks provides a Unique Experience to Families, Schools, Child Care or Aged Care, by presenting an Educational Program focused on watching and learning about eggs and Chicks/Ducklings Birthing, Growth & Care.

On the delivery day we will bring along an incubator and 8 to12 eggs that are due to start hatching on the following day and throughout the first week. When available we also provide 2-4 duck eggs that hatch in the second week.

You will be supplied a brooder box which is where the chicks and ducklings will live after they hatch. You will be supplied with everything you need to care for the chicks including chick food and a supply of wood shavings for litter on the bottom of the box. Also on this website under instructions & activities there are instruction videos, educational material and craft activities.

The day after they arrive you will hear peeping noises coming from inside the eggs. Next you will notice small holes appearing in the eggs. For a few hours the chick will peck – rest -peck -rest. This process is slow and because there are lots of eggs all hatching at different times there is plenty of opportunity for observation.

After hatching, the chicks can be transferred to the transparent brooder box that is supplied. The box contains everything the chicks will need including food.


There is a possibility that children who have egg allergies, could be affected by participating in the hatching program. Please see our ALLERGIES Page here.


Family home prorams are entitled to a $50 discount - please use code HOMEPROGRAM at checkout


Whilst we are happy for you to book at any date available we do ask that you try to book in during the school holiday dates below as there are limited programs each week during the school terms.

Term 1 School Holidays

29 March 2021 To 9 April 2021
5 April 2021 To 16 April 2021
12 April 2021 To 23 April 2021

Term 2 School Holidays

28 June 2021 To 9 July 2021
5 July 2021 To 16 July 2021

Term 3 School Holidays

13 September 2021 To 24 September 2021
20 September 2021 To 1 October 2021
27 September 2021 To 8 October 2021