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Hatchlings Adoption and Shop Information

All of the items on this page are only available to people who already have a Hatching Chicks program at their school.

STEP 1: Complete the adoption form. 

If you want to purchase the hatchlings, you must fill out the ADOPTION APPLICATION FORM. This application is not to seek approval, it is intended to help you understand your responsibilities. If this form is not completed before making the purchase, please be aware that there is NO REFUND in the event of a change of mind. Click on the orange button. Adoption Application 


The program lasts for 12 days. All hatchlings and all equipment must be purchased and paid for by 5pm on the second Wednesday. If you are not sure when that is, ask your school. Orders after this time cannot be honoured. 

STEP 3: PRE PURCHASE (minimum 3 chicks OR 2 ducks)

These hatchlings are flock animals, so one is not an option. They will need to be kept inside and under a heater lamp until they grow their feathers (7-9 weeks). Please consider if you need a heater lamp and food or any other equipment. These can be delivered to your school on the second Friday. When ordering, please enter YOUR CENTRE ADDRESS AS THE SHIPPING ADDRESS and your address as the Billing address. If you still wish to purchase hatchlings and equipment after completing the adoption application form. Please visit the SHOP below to finish your order. 


It is your responsibility to pick up your hatchlings from the school by the end of the second Thursday. If you fail to do this, the hatchlings will be returned to the farm with no refund.  Show your receipt to the school for proof of purchase. The school or our driver are not responsible for selecting or separating the hatchlings at the time of pick up.  When we pick up our equipment and hatchlings on the second Friday, we will deliver any products you have purchased through the Shop to your school (not your home).

  • Adopt a Chick

    Adopt a Chick

    Hatchling Adoption Application - All Purchasers to Sign NOTE: minimum purchase is quantity of 3. If your child has a Hatching Chicks Program curren...

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  • $11.00

    Adopt a Duckling

    Hatchling Adoption Application - All Purchasers to Sign NOTE: minimum purchase is quantity of 2. If your child has a Hatching Ducklings Program cur...

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  • $159.00

    Chicken Brooder Starter Kit

    This kit contains everything your chicks will need for raising them in the first 2-6 weeks after the program. 1 x heavy duty double layered cardbo...

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  • $65.00

    Dome Reflector Heat Lamp 100W

    The Reptile One Dome Reflectors are designed to direct heat and light produced by a heat lamp towards an intended basking site. These reflectors ar...

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  • from $6.95

    Gravity Drinkers

    • UV treated plastic• Easy to take apart and clean• Suitable from small to large poultry• Twist lock base prevents water from spilling• Comes in tw...

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    from $6.95
  • from $12.00

    Gravity Feeders

    • UV treated plastic• Easy to take apart and clean• Anti-flick fins prevents food wastage• Anti-perch lid acts as a cover to prevent food storage f...

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    from $12.00
  • $649.00

    McCallum Made Standard Chicken Tractor

    The Standard Chicken Tractor was our original model which we started manufacturing back in 2003. Since then we have continued to refine the design ...

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  • $9.00

    Starter Crumble 1.5KG

    Each chick will consume approx.1.5 kg of chick starter crumble from 1 week to 6 weeks of age.  We sell 1.5kg bags of medicated chick starter crumbl...

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