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The Program

The Hatching Chicks program provides a hands-on opportunity to learn about the life cycle of chickens from a fertilised egg to a hatchling. The program also provides information about the stages of growth that a chick goes through to become an adult bird, as well as how to manage and care for a healthy and happy chicken. This unique experience is perfect for use at home with the family, in schools and childcare settings, and in aged care facilities. All equipment is provided. The kit is delivered to your door and picked up 12 days later after the chicks have hatched and grown their feathers!

Links to the NSW Science and Technology K-6 Syllabus:

Early Stage 1:

Characteristics and basic needs of living things

Using living things as food and fibre


Stage 1:

External features of living things

Living things change


Stage 2:

Life cycles of living things

Delivery & Setup

The program is delivered to you on a Monday, we will set up the hatcher and the brooder box with a heat lamp, bedding, a drinker, a feeder, and food.


Our normal program consists of 8 chicks and 3 ducklings (depending on availability). One or two of the chicks will be up to 24 hours old and the remainder should hatch before Thursday.

Week 2 & Pick up

The ducklings should hatch about halfway into the program. The program ends on the second Friday, and we collect all equipment and hatchlings.