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Caring for Sick Chickens

Unfortunately it is a fact of life that sometimes the chicks are born with problems.

We are always available for phone support and over the years we have had experience with many different problems, however it is impractical for us to be able to call in to collect any chicks with problems. The most common problem is leg deformities. If this occurs there are many websites you can google to find out how to help. One site that we have found has a very easy to make and use support for legs is HERE.

There are many other problems that occur occasionally and I have always found that the internet is a great source of information. If the chick is weak it may start to get picked on or trampled by the other chicks. If so you can isolate the chick within the brooder box and provide its own water using a small bottle lid upside down and put food directly on the floor. It may be helpful to have no wood shavings on the bottom but ensure that it has paper towel or something to provide a nonslip surface.

If the chick is obviously suffering and unlikely to recover the kindest thing for it is euthanasia. If you are unable to find a volunteer who is happy to do this I suggest you ring around to find a vet who will do this at a reasonable price or as a free service. You will need to establish how much they will charge you as prices will vary from free or $20 to $120 and I do not reimburse you for this cost.

If you live in the Canberra Queanbeyan area please email me for contact details of reasonably priced vets in your area.