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Chook Rental Shipping Policy

Chook Rental Shipping Policy.


  1. You can collect all items from our factory at Belrose by prior arrangement. You will need a ute or trailer as the chicken tractor will be fully assembled - it measures 0.9m x 1.8m in length so please ensure your vehicle is capable of holding this item.
  1. If you do not have a vehicle that can carry the assembled chicken tractor or if it is difficult to access your garden with a fully assembled chicken tractor then we can supply you a flat packed version of the chicken tractor for you to assemble at home. It will take about an hour to assemble the chicken tractor at your home and if you decide to return at the end of the program you will need to unassemble it as well.
  1. All collection is by prior arrangement - the most common times will be Saturday afternoon or Sunday mornings.
  1. There are no handling charges or fees if you collect from our factory.



  1. You can return all items to our factory at Belrose by prior arrangement.
  1. All delivery times are by prior arrangement - the most common times will be Friday afternoon or Saturday mornings.
  1. If you return the chicken tractor, feeder, drinker and the two chickens in good condition then there will be no handling charges or fees etc and the full $500 deposit will be returned to you.


Delivery Policy

  1. We have a limited area where we can deliver - essentially Northern Sydney is $90, Metro Sydney is $140 and Wollongong, Campbelltown, Katoomba and Morisset is $190. See this map for details.
  1. Deliveries will most likely be arranged on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings.
  1. The chicken tractor is fully assembled on delivery - therefore we need to be able to wheel it into your garden. The chicken tractor is approximately 110cm wide (allowing for the wheels on the side) and thus we will need a 110cm wide path from the street to your garden. If we cannot get access to the garden then we will need to abort the delivery and return to our factory. Your delivery fee will not be refunded if we cannot access your property.
  1. If you have a property that is difficult to access then we can deliver and assemble in your garden. Assembly fees are $149 plus the appropriate delivery fee for your address.
  1. If you choose to return the chicken coop at the end of the time period, and you want us to collect it from you then another delivery fee will need to be paid (or more likely deducted from the $500 deposit). If we need to unassemble the chicken tractor then the unassembly fee of $149 will also be deducted from your deposit.
  1. Collections will most likely be arranged for Thursdays or Fridays. The collection date will not be exactly 6 weeks from delivery as we will need to work it in with our schedule. It may be anything from 5.5 weeks to 7.5 weeks.