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Chook Rental


Hatching Chicks' Chook Rental Program is designed for those who want to try having chickens at home before they commit - do you or your kids really want to have chickens but you are unsure of how they will behave in your garden or with your children? Our Chook Rental Program allows you to experience chicken keeping in your own backyard without having to immediately commit.

So what comes as part of the program?

* A 1.8m long Backyard Chicken Tractor made in Australia by McCallum Made. This chicken tractor is designed to last for well over 10 years and has enough space for 2-3 chickens to live in comfort. 

* Two hens - these will be a normal backyard laying breed of chicken - usually an Isa Brown or something similar. They will be around 18-20 weeks of age which means they should start laying within a few weeks of the start of the program. Note that chickens are not robots - some will lay earlier and some later so we can't guarantee that your chicks will start laying on day 1!

* 18kg of chicken pellets, a feeder, drinker and a bag of straw for nesting material. You may need to purchase more feed or nesting material during the program but this should get you through.

Please note, the chicken coop will need to be collected from Belrose NSW - usually on a weekend or we can arrange for delivery during the week. Please read our Chook Rental Shipping Policy for full details.

After six weeks you can choose to either keep the chickens and all products at no extra cost or you can return the chicken coop, the hens and the feeder / drinker to us and we will refund you $500 (less any collection cost) or you can bring it back to us in Belrose.

Delivery area map for the program: